Post-Op Instructions Following Cementation

It is important not to eat until the anesthesia has worn off completely to avoid biting your tongue, cheek, and/or lip. Try to stay away from any foods that are too hot or cold as well.

The occlusion or “the bite” should feel normal once the anesthesia has worn off. If it feels “high” or premature, you may need further adjustment. Please call the office to make an appointment for the adjustment.

You may have some minor discomfort at the gumline after having the restoration inserted. This will gradually go away over the next couple days. You can take an over the counter pain reliever if needed.

It is also common to be temperature sensitive for a couple days or even weeks after having the restoration inserted. If sensitivity persists or worsens, please call our office.

Normal oral hygiene may commence the night of the procedure, unless otherwise informed. It is important to maintain you recall appointments after having restorations inserted. The tooth structure that is under the restoration is still susceptible to decay so proper maintenance is always recommended.