Post-Op Instructions Following Dentures

Denture sores are common after wearing a new denture.  They may appear for several days or even weeks, as your denture continues to settle.  When these sores present themselves you should schedule an appointment to have then addressed. Typically, the denture sores do not resolve on their own.

Excess salivation is common when wearing a new denture.  This will continue for several weeks and maybe several months. Slight changes in speech are common and accommodation is fairly quick.

Home care of your new denture is very important.

Your dentures should be removed to clean appropriately and thoroughly.

All surfaces of your denture should be cleaned using a toothbrush and warm water.

While sleeping your denture should be removed and soaked in water.

Before placing your dentures in, you should brush and rinse them thoroughly. 

It is also important to brush your gums and tongue to remove any food particles.

Your denture should be soaked in a denture cleaning solution as directed, which can be found at any pharmacy.