Instructions for Application of Whitening Gel

  • Thoroughly brush your teeth
  • After removing the cap from the syringe tip, express the contents evenly toward the facial of the tray. No more than one-quarter of the syringe will be necessary for each tray.
  • Seat the tray completely and firmly over the teeth. Using a soft toothbrush, tissue, or clean finger, gently remove excess gel that may flow beyond the tray’s edge. Gently rinse your mouth twice, using care not to swallow. A seal will develop around the tray.
  • The soft, custom-fitted tray is usually worn while sleeping. However, you may also go about your normal daily routines while wearing the tray. The efficacy of the gel is 4-5 hours.
  • After the prescribed time, remove the tray. Brush your teeth. Afterwards, brush and rinse the residue gel from the tray. The tray should be removed before eating and/or drinking liquids. DO NOT smoke while bleaching.
  • Whitening gel can cause temporary sensitivity of the teeth that can last up to 48 hrs.